Surf Report: Artificial Quiet

Issue 48: 08.22.2021 (Free Version)

August 22, 2021

Hi everyone—I’m so glad to have you here. What a week.

The ongoing covid hysteria and its cascade of tensions between people and their governments got me thinking once again about the First Law of Ecology. The first law of ecology is this: You can never do just one thing.

“The world is filled with relationships, and anything we do is going to impact parts of the system that we may never have even thought of.”

—Richard Heinberg

I was first introduced to this principle in the book Filters Against Folly: How To Survive Despite Economists, Ecologists, and the Merely Eloquent, by Garrett Hardin. It’s a slim volume but packed with highlightable insights, just how I like my slim volumes. This idea goes by other names you’re probably more familiar with: the Butterfly Effect, unintended consequences, collateral damage, etc.

It’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as side effects—only effects. Side effects are just the undesirable parts of what transpired, but can’t be segmented out as “not counting” when tallying final outcomes.

One example in the context of markets and investing involves the idea of diversification, particularly in the form of passive index funds. Many people don’t think about the consequences of holding the same cap-weighted index as everyone else, assuming they have just spread the risk around a well-balanced slice of the overall market and are protected against major peaks and troughs of individual stock performance. Make no mistake, there was and is merit to this concept at a high level, but it’s not so clear-cut a discussion anymore. There’s a dark side to passive investing.

Markets rely on active participants somewhere upstream in order for there to be any activity to invest in in the first place. Passive investors merely rely on active investors to decide on whether or not to subscribe to new issuances (e.g. swapping a member of the S&P 500, funding an IPO, responding to new innovations), and collectively follow along with those individual decisions. For this reason, not everyone can be a pure passive investor.

And as a result, the more passive investors there are the more the link between prices and fundamentals breaks… since passive investors don’t look at prices or fundamentals at all.

Liquidity also dries up because passive investors don’t trade. That’s a problem, because active trading is how price discovery and liquidity are achieved in the first place. What’s a passive investor to do when they want to sell their shares for cash but no one is left in the market to make the deal?

The Federal Reserve actually acknowledged the pitfalls of a passive investing culture back in 2018: The Shift from Active to Passive Investing: Potential Risks to Financial Stability? One of the things they pointed out is that the rise of passive investing has led to something called “index inclusion effects,” one of which is an increased correlation of returns. Investors are all putting money into the same strategies—the most popular stocks with the highest index weightings.

For an ecological example, consider the conditions that triggered the Irish potato famine of 1845: the population was relying on potatoes for sustenance and virtually all were planting the same genetic strain of the plant, so when a potato fungus began spreading it took down 1/2 of the potato crop that year, and ~3/4 of the crop over the next seven years. Everyone’s food supply was unintentionally correlated and collectively vulnerable to the same triggering event.

“When an investment process makes no effort to differentiate winners from losers, and instead blindly allocates based on index weights, there is no diligence, no intelligent capital allocation, and eventually, no efficient market.”

When everyone is diversifying the same way, no one is diversified. When everyone invests in index funds, nothing moves. When everyone stops paying attention to what they own, what they own stops mattering at all.

Passivity has led to misallocated capital (exposure to ‘stocks’ vs. exposure to the most deserving stocks), asset price distortions (returns reflecting more multiple expansion than profit growth), and systemic risk factors (flash crashes)

The lesson: there are negative consequences to even the safest, most seemingly risk-averse strategies out there. Consider revisiting your personal definition of safety and risk, and open yourself up to the notion that actually paying attention and making decisions for yourself might be a safer plan.

For guidance on the optimal way forward, look to nature. She’s the best capital allocator of all.

“The idea is simply to let human mistakes and miscalculations remain confined, and to prevent their spreading through the system, as Mother Nature does. Reducing volatility and ordinary randomness increases exposure to Black Swans—it creates an artificial quiet.”

—Nassim Taleb

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“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” —William James

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