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The goal is to transform the way you think about markets & marketing.

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Who’s Behind This?

I’m Mark. I’ve spent the last 16 years working professionally in the world of tech, digital marketing, advertising, social media, and web design.


  1. When you learn to see something in a new way you appreciate it more. The appeal of a thing lies most strongly in knowing more about it. If you want to sell something, elaborate on it. To make something interesting, go into detail. To get attention, teach something new. To get, give.

  2. Markets, trade, and commerce purify relations between people and are the Galapagos Islands of human psychology. I became fascinated with money, business, and investing, not just for profit but as a student of human nature. I think more people could benefit from doing the same thing.

  3. Investing is not just about money. Compound growth, long-term thinking, and delayed gratification are essential to more than just a financial portfolio. Relationships, hobbies, skills, and creativity all benefit from careful investment of attention & effort.

Sounds great, I’m in.

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Weekly perspective on economics, investing, Bitcoin, and business.


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