Surf Report: Good Night & Good Luck

Issue 52: 09.19.2021

From the movie “Good Night, and Good Luck,”—the true story of veteran journalist Edward R. Murrow’s conflict with U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950’s, written and directed by George Clooney.
September 19, 2021

Hi everyone—I’m so glad to have you here. What a week.

Edward R. Murrow once said “Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation.” It’s a quote I’ve been returning to as I’ve steeped myself in the maelstrom of misdirection and deceit trying to pass itself off as reality this past year.

Murrow was an outspoken proponent of things like courage and fortitude, and in using his platform as a TV journalist to inform and educate. Difficult topics were not off-limits, especially if they had the potential to reveal or illuminate important truths.

But also—and of particular relevance to a newsletter about understanding business, investing, and value—Murrow emphasized the the importance of thinking about the future and what the long-term consequences are of actions we take today. What are the knock-on effects of a big decision? What is the eventual price we pay for things today? What is the cost of our actions—not just for us right now, but for others later?

Consider this podcast which dropped last week. It’s a conversation with legendary investor Howard Marks, and it gives you a compact distillation of many of the lessons contained in his useful book The Most Important Thing: Uncommon Sense for the Thoughtful Investor. I highly recommend it.

A few big principles he holds regard choosing quality, zooming out, and being patient:

"The younger you are the more you can count on the long-term trend [with] the freedom to ignore the short-term ups and downs."

—Howard Marks

Howard was a very outspoken critic of Bitcoin several years ago, but has since changed his mind. Why? He learned more about it, and admits that he missed some things—that his initial take was more a knee-jerk reaction than anything else. This is the trademark of a skilled thinker and capital allocator: someone whose mind is malleable enough to be updated and patched in the short term, but principled enough to adhere to a firm set of long-term, value-based principles.

Finance isn’t just about money, it’s also deeply linked to morals and values. After all, without the ability to accumulate and preserve our capital for sometime in the future we never get the space or time to think, question, or plan for anything beyond the present. We resort to instant gratification, YOLO, FOMO, and get-rich-quick schemes. This type of cultural mindset has historically marked the beginning of the end of declines & falls, and breeds corruption at all levels of society.

“It has become more difficult than ever to distinguish black from white, good from evil, right from wrong.

What truths can a human being afford to furnish the cluttered nervous room of his mind with when he no real idea how long a lease he has on his future?”

—Edward R. Murrow

Just this week, we learned that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and several other Fed bankers have been using their ability to print money to enrich themselves (under the guide of pandemic relief of course) by frontrunning the purchases they knew the Fed was planning to make with those newly printed funds. Surprised? I wasn’t.

This is nothing short of criminal. And yet, most people don’t know or care, despite this having very real consequences to the future viability of their family’s life savings.

Economic problems are always upstream from the other problems that are more obvious and that affect you personally. The main takeaway I’ve been aiming to communicate with Surf Report is this: you may not be interested in money and economics, but money and economics are interested in you. If you choose not to pay attention it’s at your own peril, a peril that may go unnoticed until it’s too late.

So much of life is uncertain, opaque, and random in day to day terms but usually oscillates around the truth over time, as accepted wisdom catches up to the reality of things. The best investors admit they don’t know how things will play out exactly, but also admit they have to place their bets anyway. This is the game. But by working to understand what’s actually happening it becomes easier to avoid the temptation to believe the perceived near-term benefits that the lies have to offer.

Again, this whole game is only partly about money. Every day you invest your time, attention, emotion, effort... Investing is the art of asset allocation, and assets can be anything. But the strategy is the same: identify the lies and avoid them in favor of what’s true. Then place your bets.

We can never be certain, but we can play the odds. It’s only by admitting the limits of our own certainty that we can ever hope to prosper long term, and only by seeking and adhering to what’s true that we have any chance of surviving long enough to get there.

So when you find yourself confused, remember what Murrow said and learn to embrace it as a sign that you’re simply one step closer to understanding the situation. If you can work to understand the truth of something that most people haven’t yet realized, it’s that type of informational asymmetry that can lead to great long-term investments. (The long-term part is important)

After that, there’s not much more to hope for—and not much more I can tell you— except: Good luck.

Until next time 🤙,



I’m taking a hiatus from the weekly schedule to plan the ins and outs of Season 2, but want to give a huge thank you to all my Pro subscribers who contributed their hard-earned funds to help support the newsletter this whole time. I honestly don’t think I would have made it this far without your encouragement 🙏

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